Final Project


A Cultural Blog on books and Library activities

Title of the Blog: Libro Libertate (Book of Freedom)

Technology to be used: The server of the blog to be used will be because of the flexibility and simplicity of the service. It will have a side column widget area where visitors will be able of accessing the site of the Library pictures of events and weekly activities we realize.

Other technologies will include a statistics counter to evaluate the visitor’s origin and interests. WordPress has an integrated RSS service that will be used as a technology for the website and also there will be a use of blogrolls to important websites of Academic Literature of interest to Libraries, books, dictionaries and important websites of Information Sciences and Literature of the Central American Region.

Goal of this service:

  • Create a Library blog on Spanish (something not used yet by any Library in the Central American region).

  • Provide Guatemalan users with a trustful source on cultural and book related events that take place in Guatemala City.

  • Make available information of Guatemalan writers, artists, and intellectuals to the users from different parts of the world.

  • Promote the cause of Liberty and individualism in all the publications and activities the Library has undertaken.

Benefits for the Library:

  • This social software technology will be very valuable to promote a more friendly library service and a much more educated community of users.

  • The main need the project will fill is that the blog will be used as a medium of expression of the Administrators of the blog (all of them highly educated and knowledgeable workers of the Library) who will have a opportunity to share and discuss different topics and experiences.

  • The blog will create a cultural center linked to the Library and the activities that the Library workers realize. Plus, it will be a open space for discussion of cultural events on the capital city.


  • The most important roadblock that should be solved is the cultural training to explain the Librarians what are the benefits of publishing on the blog their ideas and hopes about Librarianship.

  • The technologies will be under the administration of a trained team from the Library and it will not be a problem.

  • A further evaluation of visitors and users, plus commentaries will be very important to establishing a funding for a future acquisition of a private web address.

Policy issues about the rules of blogging:

  • The codes of etiquette for blogging will be applied in this blog and also a specific set of rules will be established.

  • This set of rules will be determined by the Library Team that writes in the blog in the cases they consider a change should be done.

The bloggers will be free of writing any topic and subject they consider important without any interference from the managers. They will only have to abide the etiquette rules of clarity, honesty, accountability and present all the information they have researched on without violation the truth and copyright.

Please take a look to all the comments we have received about Libro Libertate at Five weeks to a Social Library!!!!